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Feeling the need for a reliable , safe and affordable taxi in Subotica , now way back in 2006 a handful of friends have decided to form an association , to provide the citizens of Subotica quality service when it comes to passenger transportation.

Since then, till the moment when you , Dear Visitor, are reading this , we are trying for every person who entrust us with their safety , arrive on time to your desired location , safe and more convenient . Day by day , the number of satisfied customers is increasing, and increases the number of our permanent clients. We currently have 24 vehicles with high growth tendency. Our priorities are clear: the professionalism of our employees as well as their experience and courtesy . Customers have recognized the quality of our services and recommend us , which makes us happy and fulfills us every day.

With fulfilled hearts we can say that we will continue to strive and improve ourselves, our services, and continue to provide you with the best service.